Besides the residence, FLAT organises public events in and around Florijn 42. This creative section of FLAT can host exhibitions, screenings, lectures, launches and other get togethers for the public. Next to inviting guest curators and artists it functions as a platform for the members of FLAT in the neighborhood.


Anomalous Afternoon is an informal once-off event that engages with what might broadly termed anomalous phenomenon, conceived by Pádraic E. MoorePresented within the format of a performative PowerPoint this event also features a selection of screenings and readings. Themes dealt with include Psi phenomenon, hypothetical universal life force, stone circles, neo-paganism and electromagnetism, discussed via the practice of Pádraic.

Pádraic's practice is informed by the conviction that art can function as a catalyst for revelatory experience and that esotericism can provide a set of counter cultural values, which enable one to resist and oppose the established status quo. The event takes place on Wednesday 30 December at Florijn 42, from 16h. Participants can expect a convivial atmosphere warmed by beverages and candlelight. 


FLAT invited the Amsterdam and Internet-based work group Browserbased to work and present in FLAT Station to present work and events over the winter period. On the 12th of December this culminated in a unique interactive event around a responsive sound and light installation at FLAT Station. People from all over the world with an internet connection were invited to call Niko's installation, that was centered around a candle in front of a speaker. Once connected, the sound of the voice of the caller, amplified and blown into the space, was challenged to blow out the candle through its amplified, almost physical form of the sound waves. Throughout the entire space and residency, lights responded whenever a call was taking place, echoing the sound waves and connectivity from any part of the world to the space. Special catering was provided by Les Dames de Vent et le Feu. 


As an outcome of their residency period at FLAT, Carla Donauer and Christian Odzuck present the publication as the final result of their research into the Bijlmer's architecture and its development. Both share a common interest in urban planning, modern architecture and the social structures that are articulated in them. During their residency they collaborated on a curatorial and artistic research on public space and the potential of the positivistic modernist promise of architecture, which eventually turned into an image of dystopia. Their first event was a presentation of their work and plans, and was mirrored by a closing event of their residency, presenting drone footage they have made of area and a poetic interpretation of the environment, culminating in a small publication. 


FLAT invited the Amsterdam and Internet-based work group Browserbased to work and present in FLAT Station to present work and events over the winter period. This event hosted the artists Rosa Menkman and Dennis De Bel giving two separate artist talks in the FLAT Station Project space, while soup and the infamous Browserbased alcoholic pun beverages 'Screenshots' were served. 
Rosa Menkman is an artist and theorist who focuses on visual noise artifacts, resulting from accidents in both analogue and digital media (such as glitch, encoding and feedback artifacts). Although many people perceive these accidents as negative experiences, Menkman emphasizes their positive consequences: these artifacts facilitate an important insight into the otherwise obscure alchemy of standardization via resolutions: the creation of solutions or protocols, and their black-boxed, unseen, forgotten or obfuscated compromises and alternative possibilities.
Dennis de Bel graduated in June 2007 as an Interactive Media designer at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam. In June 2009, he completed the Master Media Design and Communication at the Piet Zwart Institute, also in Rotterdam. Currently, he is teaching at the Willem de Kooning Academy, and creating his own works under the Dilly Dally Foundry label. His work focusses on consuming de- sign/design interventions/questionable design and positions itself in-between art, anti-art, industrial design, product and (non)-objects. 


During his research into the local music and hiphop scenes, Ryts Monet - a former graffiti writer and punk scene affiliate during his teens in Italy - found himself confronted with the problem of language to fully understand the specificities of Bijlmer's musical and social tissue. From his artistic and anthropological interests in subcultures, Ryts flipped the initial problem of language into a new vantage point of exploration to delve deeper into what underpins the workings of the local subcultures as an outsider. With interpretors and FLAT associate residents connected to the music scenes he focused on the most essential elements of hiphop culture and music: energy, attitude and passion. He organised the Battle of the Bijlmer on October 2, 2015, inviting musicians, rappers, rookie singers and local heavywights from several nationalities based in the area, to partake in a rap battle in their native language.

The Battle was joined by rappers in Papiamento, Slovakian, French, Italian, Dutch, German and finally, the winner in Icelandic.

This event was made possible with the great help of Jeffrey Croese, Sangiorgio Blonk, Mizztamizzo and Jonas Ohlsson.

On November 7, Ryts Monet was invited by Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam to reiterate the Freestyle Rap Battle at their premises during Museumnight Amsterdam 2015.


The White Elephant is a collaborative network that builds and thinks about possibilities of co-creating and archiving. A prototype device embodying the Bibliotheke for sharing and publishing books and sounds - supported by Bibliotecha - is launched in FLATSTATION during this special event that marks the end of Martin Laroche's residency.


FLAT is thrilled to again be a part of the annual OPEN ART ROUTE. This two-day manifestation offers an open confrontation with international contemporary art in all shapes presented in and around the artists’ studios of Amsterdam Southeast. 
FLAT presents the divergent artistic practices of associate artists in a group exhibition at #42 composed of four interconnected collections: a collection of studio’s, inspirations, tools/art materials and artworks. In the studio of #42 current resident artist Martin La Roche will present several actions around his White Elephant Bibliotheke. On Saturday Maria Guggenbichler and Amal Alhaag welcome you for the Reading Room and a DJ Workshop for Women. On Sunday Cindy Moorman opens her studio to show a brand new performative installation with six dancers. The Ravennest is open throughout the weekend for listening sessions as is AnneMarie Tiebosch's Sierra Leone Cinema Box and Window exhibition. The weekend will close off with the terrace concert Shain Band Calling The Kabba Family! “Bring down your changes, bring down your light”.

Tune in over the entire weekend for live & mobile RADIO OARZO on the frequency of RADIO RAZO, cable 103,8FM and ether 105,2FM, during which FLAT Art worker Ilga Minjon will report from artist's studios and events from all over the Open Art Route and will give an interview on the online OPEN ART RADIO on radio Hot O Twenty!

Check out the OPEN ART ROUTE programme at Florijn and stay posted via Facebook.

OARZO is an initiative of Stichting Open Ateliers Zuidoost and is made possible by Stadsdeel Zuidoost, AFK, Rochdale.

May 2015 | R'M AHARONI

During his residency, BijlmAIR Resident R'm Aharoni organised two events that were key to his research and residency practice. 


On November 11th 1936, in London - England, the artist Eric Gill delivered his speech titled And Who Wants Peace? It was addressed to a group of Christian Pacifists. In his speech, Gill pointed out the entanglement of industrial war, artistic creation and money making. On May 2nd  2015, at CBK ZO Amsterdam, R'm Aharoni carried out the same speech. This gesture is an invitation and a meeting point, which aims to implement the past in the current reality.

23 May | i could eat the gill sans R

At Florijn 42, BijlmAIR Resident Artist R’m Aharoni (IL) organised a very special birthday party cum goodbye event cum Eric Gill Celebration “i could eat the gill sans R”. A meeting of extreme in the décor of his research into the life and work of artist, craftsman and social critic eric gill.

MARCH 2015 | Bijlmer 80s with DJ, independent researcher and cultural producer Lynnée Denise Bonner

The intimate setting of the living room of Florijn 42 formed the backdrop for an evening of talking about the Bijlmer & Amsterdam visual and performing arts scene in the 1980s with BijlmAIR resident Lynnée Denise Bonner (US). The Bijlmer 80s is part of her long-term project The Global Art 80s. The 1980s were a politically turbulent time around the world, which gave birth to raw creative genius and, along with that, more social possibilities. With The Global Art 80s Lynnée aims to illuminate the cultural contributions of underground artist communities around the world through organising talks, concerts, performances, conferences and screenings. 

MARCH 2015 | Cindy Moorman + Oskar Schlemmer

On March 13th, Cindy Moorman organised a screening of reinterpretations of the Triadic Ballet and several other choreographies by Oskar Schlemmer in her studio. The guests gathered around a table that was decorated in the spirit of Schlemmer with cake and sweets coloured according to his palette. 
Mister Motley published an article by Cindy Moorman about her passion for Oskar Schlemmer, see it here


The second SIC zine was launched during a festive event at Florijn 36 with An Activity Play in 13th Century Speak by Bea McMahon, Vaari Claffey and Daniel Vorthuys. Pawel Kruk did an attempt at Altering the World from afar and some of Dina from Egypt lip-synched their latest track. Last but not least there was a spectular presentation of a new volcano salad that needs improving.

SIC is a half-yearly photocopied zine publication edited by Bea McMahon and Vaari Claffey. Artworks and writing are reproduced ‘as-is’, in their uncorrected form. For the second issue Vaari Claffey and Bea McMahon have enlisted the help of a number of artists, writers and curators to populate the zine with a cast of characters who will carry their story forward. These characters may appear just for this issue or involve themselves in future production. The frequency of their appearance is unpredictable and will depend on various urgent forces from both in- and outside. SIC issue #2 The Characters are Deniz Buga, Vaari Claffey, Pawel Kruk, Quynh Dong, Anna Barham, Bedwyr Williams, Francis McKee, Bea McMahon, Aleana Egan, Tilo Schulz, Brian Griffiths, Chris Fite-Wassilak, Jacob Wren, Dina Danish, Roderick Hietbrink, Ferhat Özgür, Isla Leaver-Yap and Seamus Nolan. SIC INTERTRASHIONAL was made with the support of The Lab, Dublin City Council, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Mondriaan Fund.


Inspired by Marinetti’s and Fillia’s Futurist Cookbook/Manifesto in which they explore food as a raw material for art and cultural commentary, the associated art workers from FLAT collaborated to organise a final 2014 banquet. At the table were next to delicious homemade foods, doses of art, film, music, poetry that functioned as surprise ingredients to accentuate the flavours.


Lard Buurman (NL) kicked off his BijlMAIR residency with a Dinner Talk during which he gave an artist talk on his project Africa Junctions – Capturing the City, showing the African city and its developments by focusing on everyday street scenes. A homemade peanut soup accompanied his presentation with flavours from all the places he visited for this project.


Irina Popova (RU) created a Bijlmer Atlas of People and Birds, check out this video to learn more about what she did while in residence.


During her final FLAT event "Conversation on a map of the Bijlmer / BijlmAIR" Paula Salas (CL) invited the audience to make some final map interventions. She also gave an artist talk about her participatory map of the Bijlmer as well as other participatory projects she initiated focussing on her strategy to activate her experience in the fields of art and anthropology.


Slapstick comedy and philosophical wonderings repeatedly cross paths in an absurdist swirl that is the work Erkka Nissinen (FI). His stay stay in de Bijlmer as a resident artist at FLAT formed a creative working period in which he turned to drawing, music collaborations, and to the process of making a new video. Within the video Erkka himself takes on the role of different characters melting in with fictional storylines revolving around actual locals. Set both in the Bijlmer and in the imaginary, the video follows real human obsessions and the oddities of communication. For the music videoVideo Without Ideas to a song by Blodfet & DJ Lonely (FLAT artist Jonas Ohlsson), Erkka worked with the help of local filmmakers and actors. He also initiated a video for the FLAT-based music production collective Raven Bros., and he made a trailer video for the One Minutes that were to take place in November. This edition of the acclaimed One Minutes was curated by Erkka. The screening took place in Ellen de Bruijne Projects during the kick-off of the Amsterdam Art Weekend 2014 and was preceded by a Skype interview between Erkka – in New York – and Jonas Ohlsson and Ilga Minjon from FLAT. In The Hague Erkka performed on July 17th "The Occidental Accidentin an experimental musical set of the artist super group the E-Males with Jonas Ohlsson and Magnus Monfeldt. 


For the annual OPEN ART ROUTE many FLAT artists opened the doors of their studio. Next to the open studios there were several special programmes. On Saturday there was a zine launch and sex talk on swivel chairs with Bea McMahon, Vaari Claffey and Daniel Vorthuys. On Sunday Cindy Moorman showed a performance in the decor of her recent research into human constructions. The SHAIN BAND & friends closed off the beautiful weekend with an amazing terrace concert. For a glimpse of the concert click here


To wrap up their BijlmAIR residency period Oshin Albrecht (BE) & Melissa Mabesoone (BE) a.k.a. buren gave performative house tours in the residency apartment. Oshin & Melissa also created the wonderful blog Friends from Bijlmair about their residency in Amsterdam Southeast.


Roi Alter (IL) organised "Another Event in the Long History of Events" an evening of concerts and performances to conclude his BijlmAIR residency period with DJ Lonely, Scripted Reality, Aapo Nikkanen, Alex Bailey, Controllar and Blackstreet Cunts.

OCTOBER 2013 | Salon du Florijn

During the Open Art Route 2013 a group show was compiled in the exhibition space of FLAT Station. Both artists from FLAT and artists and beyond were exhibited in a two-day contemporary Salon. 

Particpating artists: Govinda Mens | Peter Stel | Anne Dersén | Baldrick Buckle | Cindy Moorman | Eylem Aladogan | Meriam Limon | Liat Elbling | Magnus Monfeldt | Sebastiaan Schlicher & Philip Grözinger| Michiel ten Bokum | Jonas Ohlsson | Ron Stern | Anthony Sgard | Kathrin Schlegel | Henny Overbeek | Carlos Alfonso 

Curators: Ilga Minjon and Jonas Ohlsson


For the book Carlos Alfonso made about his residency in Amsterdam click here

For more information and images:
Reviews on Mister Motley and GutMag.


Join us in the Bijlmer for an artist talk by Clarence Albert in which he will tell about his own work and the artist collective ROX in Zambia which he is part of. Drinks and snacks from 16.00, the talk starts at 17.00 after which there will be more time for discussion, drinks and BBQ.

Clarence Albert was born in Zimbabwe, but lives and works in Lusaka, Zambia. His main practice is sculpture, and together with a group of local artists Albert runs an artist initiative and workshop called ROX (Roots of Expression) since 2006. Because there is no formal art educaton in Zambia, ROX also educates artists by means of apprenticeships. Albert's personal practice revolves around the usage of available found materials. Starting from marble (which is abundant and free of charge in Lusaka) he changed to using the plastic trash which is flying around Lusaka, and the most up to date material is car wrecks which he collects from police compounds. The topics he works with are a range of contemporary social problems, from environmental isues to hiv/aids related concepts. During his BijlmAIR residency he is working on a sculpture to be revealed at the end of June in the garden of CBK Zuidoost.


SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER is an events and research program, set up by the current BijlmAIR resident, the artist Maria Guggenbichler. SISTER is a public events program for contemporary art, amateur conversations, users' culture, group hallucinations, specialists' strolls in the neighborhood,  semi-academic thinking, science fiction of the past, reverse afro-futurism, the megalomania of modernism, cultural cannibalism and queer appropriations, architecture parties, lingua franca, Wild Styles, "Soup for the night" becomes "Marble cake on sunday", former upper class hobbies in what used to be a ghetto, R'n'B stars and HIP HOP.  

MARCH 2013 | 

"WE´RE BUILDING A CITY" a parade for Amsterdam Zuidoost" by BijlmAIR resident Jérôme Chazeix is a multidisciplinary work whose firm references recall the meaning and the history of the city, clothing, spectacle and, at the same time, investigate the concept of participation within an exciting total art work. The project focus on the Bijlmer, a suburbian area built in the early 60´s as a new center for Amsterdam, in sense of the Athens Chartas of Le Corbusier - connecting human, nature, modernity and architecture. Chazeix reconduce this utopia in reconstructing the city. In collaboration with local artists Neil Fortune, Wilfred Jansen and Liran Weisman, he design a new city, maquette sculpture based on the plan of Amsterdam Zuidoost. In addition costumes designed by Chazeix and inspired by architecture and local population folklore, will be the props of the performance. During the parade the portable puzzle map will be presented by the young theater group with the costume, in a performance that carry throught the city a new age for the suburbs city.

The parade "We are building a city" starts at the Bijlmerplein at 18.15 and will end at the Bijlmerpark Theater. The parade is part of the 10th picture Festival.

DECEMBER 2012 | 'Bad song' by Yassine Balbzioui 

“Bad song” is the result of Yassine Balbzioui’s two month residency at BijlmAIR in Amsterdam ZO. The ensemble of works in the presentation– paintings, watercolours, and videos - show a complete panorama of his artistic practice, and his universe.

Yassine Balbzioui is an artist of many disciplines. He was born in Morocco in 1972 and he has varied artistic education: from 1992 to 1996 at the School of Fine Arts in Casablanca, Morocco, from 1996 to 2001 at the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, France and finally in 2002 at the University California (UC) Berkeley where he undertook studies in cinema.

Balbzioui has exhibited his work at the International Museum of Women in San Francisco, and in 2010, he created the artist collective “Africa light” with Susana Moliner, followed by a series of exhibitions: the National Museum of Mali (Bamako, Africa), as part of the “Biennale Danse l’Afrique Danse”, as well as at Dakar Off in 2010, art residency at Shakers, and solo exibition"The fish inside me" at the Chateau de La Louviere Montluçon, and the space 29 in Bordeaux, France.


Un_Curate_Able is a project of and with Toves Galleri, an artist run exhibition space in Copenhagen, Denmark. The project revolves around questions regarding the individual in relation to the collective and the structures and processes of working in a collective. Un_Curate_Able consists of different parts and unfolds over the summer of 2012 in three phases:

1 – An uncurated group exhibition in Toves’ own premises, which examines and presents the current interests of Toves’ artists.
2 – At the invitation of Irene de Craen/Stichting Flat a translation and ‘re-curating’ of the exhibition to the project space of FATFORM in Amsterdam. In this exhibition Toves’ artists are both artist and curator, and thus have to renegotiate the initial positions of the first exhibition.
3 – Participation in the Alt_Cph Art Fair in Copenhagen during the Copenhagen Art Festival in which the various phases of Un_Curate_Able are curated and translated once again into a publication with an introduction written by Irene de Craen. The entire publication is produced live during the five days of the art fair.

Participating artists:

Christian Jeppsson, Hannah Heilmann, Simon Damkjær Andersen, Pind, Jacob Jessen, Honza Hoeck, Uffe Holm, Sandra Vaka Olsen, Rasmus Høj Mygind

Click here for more information on Toves Galleri.
Click here for more photos of the exhibition at FATFORM.

APRIL 2012 | Artist Talk Emeka Okereke

Emeka Okereke (1980) is a Nigerian photographer. He is a member of Depth of Field (DOF) collective, a group made up of six Nigerian photographers and is the Founder and Artistic Director of “Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Initiative” an annual photographic project which assembles up to ten artists from Africa towards a roadtrip across Africa.

His works mingles between conceptual photography and documentary. His works deal mostly with subjects and issues that involve the society and the emotions disipated through cosmic coexistence of human beings alongside the non-humans. In the past, he has explored versatile ways of communicating his own particular vision - in poetry, in video works, in multi-layered exhibitions in the public space as opposed to the gallery, in power point and video presentations of the various projects he was involved in.

Another aspect of his practice lies in project organising which promotes cultural exchanges cutting across indigenous and international platforms. In one occasion he commented on his approach saying: My work as an artist explores the relation between people within the context of homogeneity as well as cultural diversity. As an artist constantly at a crossroad of several cultures, I am convinced that cultural diversity when well exploited is of an immense benefit to humanity”


During the summer of 2010 Florijn 42 was occupied by Brazilian artists Alexandre Vogler, Margit Leisner, Andre Amaral, Carlos Antonio de Mattos, Guga Ferrez and Alex Hamburger. All through the summer they were active in various art space and parties, and they were an essential part of the first edition of FATFORM. For the entire blog that was kept while the Brazilians were here in 2010, click here.


Together with FUCK and, Stichting Flat also organises the now yearly event FATFORM.

FATFORM is a platform where local and international artists meet, exchange, exhibit and perform together on a rooftop of a parking garage in Amsterdam Southeast. Through an experimental cross-programming, combining contemporary art, different musical genres, new media, dance, biology, martial arts and all other forms of expression, we challenge different groups to work together or at least have a peak at each other. We see FATFORM as an experiment in finding a form that is open enough to contain our diverse and often seemingly incompatible networks. Therefore, it is important to us not to minimize the diversity, but rather propose a form which is "FAT" enough to contain all radicals.

For more information, see


During this weekend the members of FLAT realised individual interventions in public space and a published a collective magazine connected to the interventions: PAMFLAT No.0.

For more images click here.

NOVEMBER 2008 | Hala Elkoussy - Soap Stories

Hala Elkoussy, resident of BijlmAIR, proposed to develop a project inspired by the format of the British television soap that features unglamorous open-ended narratives, focusing on life in certain geographical locations. This geographic location is a key feature of the show. The cast is made up of everyday characters and the storylines explore social realist themes with an emphasis on family life, personal relationships, sexual dramas and emotional and moral conflicts. Some comedy elements are thrown in for good measure.

Elkoussy will work together with members of the community as an artist working on a script for a soap opera, taking place in the Bijlmer, who is soliciting the public's contribution regarding events that have marked their personal lives in the area. Who are the protagonists and what do they go through? What are their concerns, dreams, regrets? How do they relate to the place where they live and to other people within their neighborhood? Who do they consider to be prominent members of their community? What role does their identity play in their interaction with others?

The development of characters, short stories, perceptions of place, collected physical objects, as well as a diary of the process will be way as the building blocks of a soap opera; continuity over time is an important characteristic of the soap format. The resulting product will give an episodic, non-authoritative, non-conclusive, multiply oral and visual account of the Bijlmer. This account will be on view from November 8th at Flat, Florijn 42.

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